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Avoid slips and falls in icy conditions

Avoid slips and falls in icy conditions :
Slips and falls in icy conditions are a common problem. But there are things that we can all do to reduce the risk of getting hurt. Follow the guidelines below if you do have to go out in icy conditions.
Tips for avoiding slips and falls:
You should:
  • Think about the best route to your destination and plan on a little extra time to get there
  • Avoid rushing or taking shortcuts over areas where snow or ice removal is incomplete
  • Select appropriate footwear - flat footwear with rubber soles provides better traction on ice and snow than leather-soled or high-heeled shoes
  • Use handrails where you can
  • Take small steps to keep your center of balance under you
  • Avoid carrying lots of heavy shopping bags, especially on steps
  • Walk slowly and never run on icy ground
  • Keep both hands free for balance, rather than in your pockets
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Be particularly careful getting into and out of vehicles - and hold on to the vehicle for support
  • Keep paths clear of debris, water, ice and snow
  • Be sure to use floor mats when entering a building to remove moisture from the soles of your shoes - this will help protect you, as well as others who follow, from having to walk on wet or slippery surfaces
Helping the elderly:The elderly are particularly vulnerable during periods of cold weather. If you have an elderly parent, relative or neighbor, you can help them avoid injury. For example, you could offer to go to the shops for them or grit their garden path.